Peoria Ballet

Peoria Ballet

Art in motion is the essence of ballet. Producing photography that displays the intricacies of precise movement is itself an art form – one born of experience capturing split-second timing of action. That is why the Peoria Ballet artistic director, Ian Poulis asked me to come on board for their 2014-2015 season. Experience with fast motion photography was earned from my time at the Art … [Read more...]

Tipping Point – When to Stop Outsourcing…..Bring Your Photography In-House


Tipping Point – When to Stop Outsourcing and Bring Your Photography In-House Disclaimer the photographs featured in this post were created by Rizzy Homes staff. Developing a top notch branding campaign takes a lot of strategic planning, testing, evaluation and artistic vision to execute. This is most true for the manufacturers of high-end goods who have to produce quality photographs for … [Read more...]

Abuse of sovereign immunity is not a crime…. or is it?


You do not have exclusive rights as guaranteed by copyright law! Abuse of sovereign immunity is not a copyright infringement.   Summary: University of North Carolina Asheville,Took intellectual property without authorization and used it for their own financial gain. See web site below. When questioned about the ownership and copyright authorization of the image below, the professor … [Read more...]

Opportunities with Architecture/Interior Photography

Boy Scouts / Bass Pro Shops

I started to title this blog free money, but I’m certain that spam filters would vanquish me to a black hole and your first glance at such a title; you would throw this in the delete folder and block me forever. Having said that, I really do want to talk about added value that I bring to the table, which literally does translate into free money. This isn’t just hype and to prove it I’m going to … [Read more...]

2013 Fine Art Photography Exhibition – In The Iron: A Closer Look

In The Iron

Mike Boatman In The Iron: A Closer Look June 18 - August 9 Pearce Gallery Upcoming Exhibition As I prepare for my latest exhibition of fine art photography this summer, a recurrent question has popped up top-of-mind again about whether photography is art or craft. For me, I have no doubt that photography is an art. The medium is light, and if you can’t draw with it, capture it properly and … [Read more...]

We’ve never done it that way before!

Nature Photography

Vickie, my lovely bride, suggested for the subject of my next blog I chat about something scary! Of course, she made this suggestion at the first of the month... a Halloween theme for October. I hope I can put some thoughts down and get it proofed in time to make the month of October. We will see, but the theme is a good one. Scary In photography, for me one of the scariest sentences I hear is, … [Read more...]

I must be a sick animal

Vacation Photography

As my proof reader pointed out to me, I missed July's blog. Yes I know, I have to keep it up to date...but I went on a small vacation. As most of you know, when you are self-employed there is no “paid vacation time”, it's just lost, you have to schedule a hole in your calendar. Then slow down sales, so work does not come in as heavily when you are trying to have some down time. Next … [Read more...]

Gemma Renewable Power Photo Assignment

Renewable Power Photography - Wind Turbine

Most of my current photo assignments are in the architectural field, with a large majority in single residence homes. But my first assignments outside of the studio were industrial locations, the dirtier the better. I have enjoyed some of the grimmest, most hostile and dangerous industrial locations, from coal mines to steel structures sitting on Mississippi River barges. Seeing the beauty in … [Read more...]

Over Looked Value

Mike Boatman Photography

Great Start to 2012 East Peoria, Illinois based photographer, Mike Boatman, has started 2012 with a bang: Back to back covers with At Home Tennessee, one cover photographed in Memphis, Tennessee and the other one in Florida An inside story with a Brazilian international fashion magazine, CPTREND Plus the cover of Dining & Food Magazine in Peoria, Illinois This New … [Read more...]

Professional Photography…Cost

Profesional Photography

Photography…. Money Lost…. Pro…. Amateur …. Cost I know it is said that we all have one great book inside of us. That does not mean we all are a John Grisham, a Steven King or a John Sandford. I would also say if you snap 10,000 frames one is going to be great. In fact, in the days of film, once or twice a year I would get a super artistic photo from loading my camera. You know, the two … [Read more...]