Most of my current photo assignments are in the architectural field, with a large majority in single residence homes. But my first assignments outside of the studio were industrial locations, the dirtier the better. I have enjoyed some of the grimmest, most hostile and dangerous industrial locations, from coal mines to steel structures sitting on Mississippi River barges. Seeing the beauty in industrial innovation has always been one of my fondest pleasures.

Gemma Renewable Power builds wind turbines…In fact; Gemma built the first 100-meter turbine in the U.S.  Documenting this construction was my assignment; plus I added in some glamour photos of the turbines.

The construction of these giants goes on around the clock, only stopped when wind speeds are greater than 25 mph at 100-meter elevation and below. The precision of engineering and construction tolerances are beyond precise, but easily handled by the American work force.

One aspect I enjoy about industrial photography is the opportunity to learn about new technology and innovations. This wind farm cost $200 million to build and will produce over 200 megawatts of electricity (or 200 x 1,000,000 watts). After construction, the ongoing maintenance will be managed by a 7 man crew. Wow! That is a lot of electricity, and I hope the wind never stops blowing!

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