As my proof reader pointed out to me, I missed July’s blog. Yes I know, I have to keep it up to date…but I went on a small vacation. As most of you know, when you are self-employed there is no “paid vacation time”, it’s just lost time…plus, you have to schedule a hole in your calendar. Then slow down sales, so work does not come in as heavily when you are trying to have some down time. Next you have to crank the sales calls back up and rush all the work that came in on your vacation. I even had to give two jobs away to other photographers and one of them was for a new client, so I probably gave the client away also.

FYI, Murphy must’ve been a photographer. If I have any slow time, all I have to do is schedule a vacation! Just can’t tell my wife, she may want to really go. (Just joking!)

I must be a sick animal: Here I am writing about losing work in order to take a vacation and wanting down time, so guess what I love to do on my vacations? Yes you guessed it, I take photographs. LOL

You may recall from my other posts and emails that I have stated numerous times, “I Love photography.” In fact this is what I believe God put me here to do…create images.  Specifically to create images that help people follow their dreams, images that create jobs by selling needed products. In short, creating commercial images. So on vacation, I create images of anything I find that is beautiful.

Wife, Vickie Boatman

Wife, Vickie Boatman

From the photos, I’m sure you can guess where we went this year…oh, and yes, we won $40.

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  1. William Smith

    Hi Mike,

    Just took a look at your vacation pictures. All I can say is, WOW!!!

    I love the picture of the Eiffel Tower.

    God Bless,


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